Help with Mo'Slo

If you're having a problem with the setup or use of Mo'Slo, please read the FAQ and check the FEEDBACK. If you don't find a solution, email the following information:

  1. The Mo'Slo product you are using (4BIZ, Deluxe, basic) and the version number.
  2. The location of the Mo'Slo files on your system (default is C:\MoSlo).
  3. Operating system, CPU type, and CPU frequency.
  4. The name of the program you want to slow.
  5. The complete path to this program (drive:\path\filename).
  6. How you would normally run the program without Mo'Slo.
  7. A description of the problem you want Mo'Slo to solve.
  8. What you have tried that has not worked.

Email to Include the word "Mo'Slo" in the subject. Do not attach any files. Please take care to use a legitimate return address and turn off any spam blocking that might prevent a reply from from reaching you.

Questions are usually answered within a couple of days.

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