For effective slowdown in DOS…

Mo'Slo Deluxe version 3.3 can slow many programs in both DOS and Windows, but it is in ‘real mode’ DOS that it really shines. In real mode, Mo'Slo Deluxe overcomes runtime errors and serial communication errors in RSS, machine control, PLC, and other device control and programming software, and it runs many old games with perfect emulation of gameplay on the systems they were designed for.

Features include:

Three slowdown methods

Mo'Slo Deluxe lets you apply slowdown based on (1) the Programmable Interrupt Timer, (2) the RealTime Clock, or (3) the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller. Each method has advantages for specific problems and environments. Methods 1 and 2 work in all versions of Windows as well as DOS, while method 3 is ideal in real-mode DOS on Pentium 3/AMD Athlon/Duron and later systems. When used in real mode DOS, silky-smooth methods 2 and 3 halt processor operation during their slow interval, reducing power consumption and processor temperature.

Primary cache disabling

In real mode, Mo'Slo Deluxe can disable the level 1 cache while slowing programs. Besides giving perfect emulation of very old systems, disabling the cache can overcome problems with some old programs that communicate with remote hardware through the RS232 serial port.

Processor emulations

When you specify a processor emulation, Mo'Slo Deluxe tests current system speed and applies a combination of slowdown speed, slowdown method, and cache disabling to approximate a specific processor. Processors include 8088, 80286, 80386, 80486, and Pentium 166 (to eliminate load-time divide overflow errors 200 and R6003).

COM port FIFO disabling

Some DOS radio servicing software (RSS) and machine control software require that the FIFO buffer on modern UART chips be disabled in order to communicate through the RS232 serial (COM) port. Mo'Slo Deluxe has an option to disable FIFO buffering on a specified COM port while slowdown is in effect.

Switch to slow a command prompt

No need to type in the path and filename to slow, just use the /c switch. DOS programs run from a slowed command prompt will run slowed.

Run as TSR (Terminate but Stay Resident)

Mo'Slo Deluxe can be loaded as a TSR (and also unloaded if necessary). You can use this option for installation from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file when multiple programs must be run slowed from the command prompt. Mo'Slo Deluxe uses less memory in TSR mode, and can be loaded in upper memory if an upper memory manager (such as EMM386.EXE) is installed.

Simplified keyboard control and Quickload

Keyboard control and Quickload options allow you to toggle slowdown on/off and adjust slowdown speed. Quickload option loads with keyboard control enabled and slowdown toggled off, which allows rapid loading of programs that require a lot of slowdown. Keyboard control is maintained even when slowing programs that ordinarily intercept all keystroke interrupts.

Delayed slowdown and limited duration

Start of slowdown can be delayed for 1–14 seconds. Slowdown can be automatically paused after a duration of 1–14 seconds.

And more…

Mo'Slo Deluxe slows executable (.COM or .EXE) and batch (.BAT) files, and can pass command line arguments to the slowed program or batch. Percent-of-system-speed can be specified in 0.01% increments. Interruption of system functions is virtually eliminated, preventing low-speed lockups. Memory footprint is a mere 704 bytes (plus DOS environment) when keyboard control is not enabled.

Mo'Slo Deluxe can be used on systems with Intel-compatible processors 80386 and later, running MS-DOS 5.0 and later and/or Windows, as well as in DOS and Windows emulators on other platforms. (It is less effective in Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista, where Mo'Slo 4BIZ may be required.)

Purchase online for immediate delivery

Mo'Slo Deluxe costs only US$25.00 and you can order online for immediate download.

Download the User Guide in PDF format

The Mo'Slo Deluxe installer installs a text version of the User Guide. You can also download an illustrated User Guide in PDF format.

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