Tech reps of the companies below have suggested Mo'Slo as a solution to problems with their older software on fast computers. We've noted the programs and problems, as well as recommendations by users and results of our own testing.

The few programs mentioned are by no means a comprehensive list. Mo'Slo has been reported to work with DOS-based database, accounting, cataloguing, communications, image management, menuing, machine control, and radio programming software, as well as many other DOS games.

Gigatron (StenoCAT) -

StenoCAT support techs have recommended "Mo'Slo," but—according to users—StenoCAT on fast CPUs in Windows actually requires Mo'Slo 4BIZ. Click here for instructions.

Symantec -

Symantec support technicians suggest Mo'Slo as a solution to problems installing and running Q&A for DOS and Procomm Plus for DOS on CPUs faster than 200MHz. Mo'Slo 4BIZ is optimized to run these applications in Windows without the need for any command line speed switch (with Mo'Slo Deluxe use /p5 switch).

Chrome Systems -

For Chrome's DOS-based automotive inventory systems (Mo'Slo 4BIZ default slowdown, Mo'Slo Deluxe use /p5 switch).

Motorola -

For RSS (DOS-based RSS must be slowed in real mode DOS using Mo'Slo Deluxe. See User Endorsements below).

GE Industrial Systems -

For IC620 Micro Programming Software, APM Motion Programmer (Mo'Slo 4BIZ default slowdown, Mo'Slo Deluxe use /p5 switch).

Universal Tax Systems -

For TaxWise DOS-based tax preparation software (Mo'Slo 4BIZ default slowdown, Mo'Slo Deluxe use /p5 switch).

QuickPen International, Inc. -

For DOS-based estimating software (Mo'Slo 4BIZ default slowdown, Mo'Slo Deluxe use /p5 switch).

Blumenthal Software -

For PBS Psychiatrist's and Psychologist's Billing Software (Mo'Slo 4BIZ default slowdown, Mo'Slo Deluxe use /p5 switch).

Parsons Technology (out of business) -

For Money Counts accounting software (Mo'Slo 4BIZ default slowdown, Mo'Slo Deluxe use /p5 switch).

Mount Sopris Instruments -

Mount Sopris Instruments recommends use of Mo'Slo to install and run their Logshell acquisition software. (Mo'Slo 4BIZ default slowdown, Mo'Slo Deluxe /p5 switch).

Apogee -

In the Apogee FAQ version 6.3, Mo'Slo is recommended for play of Math Rescue, Word Rescue, Dark Ages, Monuments of Mars, Arctic Adventure, Pharaoh's Tomb, and The Kroz Series. Our own testing indicates divide-by-zero errors are consistently overcome (Mo'Slo 4BIZ required in WinXP/2000).

Blizzard Entertainment -

Blizzard recommends Mo'Slo to compensate for over-fast map scrolling in Warcraft II.

Interplay -

Interplay licensed Mo'Slo Deluxe v.2.0 for inclusion with two RPG compilations—The Forgotten Realms Archives and The Ultimate RPG Archives—to slow gameplay in action sequences. Mo'Slo has also been recommended to slow gameplay in Lexi-Cross.

LucasArts -

Mo'Slo has been suggested for use with Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe and Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain. For more info visit The SWOTL Web Site. Reports on newsgroups indicate Mo'Slo makes X-Wing missions 2 and 6 playable on fast systems.

MicroProse (Spectrum HoloByte) -

Microprose support technicians have recommended Mo'Slo for use with X-COM—we have found Mo'Slo 4BIZ to be most effective in Windows. Spectrum HoloByte support technicians have recommended Mo'Slo for use with Falcon 3.0. We tested Stunt Driver and found that Mo'Slo makes the game playable. 'Quick load' is required for joystick initialization.

Origin -

Origin has recommended Mo'Slo for slowing gameplay in Ultima games, and licensed Mo'Slo Deluxe for inclusion with the Ultima Collection. Slowdown speed for these games is approximately 33% on a P-166MHz. Mo'Slo is also recommended for slowing the original Wing Commander I, but we have found that slowdown is not always satisfactory at CPU speeds above 200MHz. Mo'Slo 4BIZ gives smooth slowdown of Privateer 2.

Sierra -

Sierra support technicians have suggested Mo'Slo for slowing too-fast character movement in Space Quest 1-5, stopping 'error 47' in Space Quest 6, stopping a lock-up at Bert's Park in Police Quest 1, slowing an uncontrollably-fast car in Police Quest 3, and correcting runway overruns during take-off in A-10 Tank Killer when DOS versions of these games are played on fast systems. Also, a user reports that Mo'Slo solves a problem with events (such as dying of thirst) happening too quickly in the VGA version of Space Quest 1. In our own tests, Mo'Slo stops events (such as being zapped by the cyborg) from happening too quickly in the DOS version of Space Quest IV. A user of the 16-color Red Baron flight sim reports that Mo'Slo is needed for realistic play on fast systems (slow the game until the demos run at the right speed).

Mo'Slo 4BIZ gives most predictable slowdown of Space Quest games in Windows.

User endorsements -

Mo'Slo products have worked consistently to overcome runtime error 200 and runtime error R6003 in applications compiled with Borland Turbo Pascal, including Clipper, dBase, Booklog III, QuickVerse, CANTAX, Eclipse, Layo7, Framework IV, CoStat, CoPlot, CoDraw, CoVis, ESI NOVA, LiveWire, Pastel Accounting, Pckview, Vocal-Eyes, Duke Nukem addons and countless other commercial and custom programs. With few exceptions, old DOS games that run too fast can be played in 'real' DOS using Mo'Slo Deluxe, and many of those games can be played in Windows 2000, XP and Vista using Mo'Slo 4BIZ (look for application titles here and in the feedback section). Mo'Slo Deluxe overcomes runtime errors and serial communication errors in RSS, machine control, PLC, and other device control and programming software, including DOS programs from FAI (RTES), GE, Motorola and Xcel Controls. Mo'Slo Deluxe has been reported to overcome both load-time and serial communications errors in RSS for HT-600, GP300, STX, Syntor X 9000E, DGT9000, MT1000, Maratrac, and Spectra (all must be run in REAL mode DOS, not Windows).

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