StenoCAT on fast CPUs requires Mo'Slo 4BIZ

NOTE: Gigatron claims StenoCAT is incompatible with Windows XP and 2000—Windows 98 or ME is required (for more on this subject—including a possible alternative—contact support). A related consideration on newer laptops is that StenoCAT apparently requires a hardware RS232 serial port, not a USB serial port emulator.

Mo'Slo 4BIZ version 3.3 allows you to run StenoCAT directly in Windows 98 and ME. Use the Slo'Win EZ graphical interface. Select slowdown method 2w. (With Open StenoCAT v.4.6 you may need to run the Realtime module standalone. The Realtime filename is C:\STENTEST\Realtime.exe.)

If you have a Mo'Slo 4BIZ version prior to 3.0…

This has worked for most users:

Create a Windows shortcut with a command line of

        c:\moslo\  /c/m2/k

(to create a shortcut, right-click on your Windows desktop, highlight 'New >', click 'Shortcut', and follow instructions.)

When you have the shortcut on your desktop, right-click on the icon. Click 'Properties'. Click the 'Misc' tab. Make sure that 'Background' 'Always suspend' is NOT checked. Move the Idle sensitivity slider all the way to Low. Click 'OK'.

Now double-click on the shortcut. An MS-DOS prompt will open.

Leave the MS-DOS prompt open and run Stenocat as you normally would. After exiting Stenocat, type 'exit' at the slowed MS-DOS prompt to restore normal system speed. Or, you can leave the DOS prompt open and press 'Ctrl + Alt + right Shift' at the prompt to toggle slowdown off and on.

If you are still unable to edit...

Right-click the icon of the shortcut you created. Click 'Properties'. Click the 'Program' tab. In the text box labeled 'Working:', replace 'C:\MOSLO' with 'c:\windows\desktop'. Click 'OK'.

To run StenoCAT, double-click the shortcut icon. At the MS-DOS prompt, type "spd" (without the quotes) and press 'Enter'. With OPEN StenoCAT you can try typing "sc45" and pressing 'Enter', but if sc45 won't load try spd instead. Spd loads StenoCAT with the older interface.

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